Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide superior Gynecology and Osteopathic Services.

Mission Statement

We provide accessible and approachable Osteopathic care, including transparency in our approach to diagnosis and treatment, so that future generations will experience Osteopathy as it was described by its founder Andrew T. Still, M.D.

We provide comprehensive Gynecologic care, including preventative exams, anticipatory guidance, and minimally invasive techniques, so our patients can experience their health care in a small office setting. 

Core Values

Value the Osteopathic Principles

         We honor the body, mind, and spirit connection.

         We honor the connectedness of all living beings.

         We honor the intelligent design and innate wisdom present in every living body.

Value Each Other

      We empower patients to explore their own needs in safety.

      We lead employees to perform at their highest level.           

      We encourage each other to reach our full professional potential.