Pain Free and Hopeful

"Resolved to a life of pain, I entered my new doctor's office with very little hope of getting help.  After a thorough assessment and explanation of my situation, Dr. Prewitt suggested Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT).  Although unfamiliar with this holistic approach of medicine, I was willing to try it.

It was after the first OMT that I noticed a stark difference in my level of pain.  I was brilliantly surprised.  The severe pain subsided.  Each treatment built upon the next and by the times I finished with the fourth treatment, I had zero pain!  I am pain-free and hopeful.

Dr. Prewitt's expertise, compassion, intelligence, and experience with Osteopathic Manipulation changed my life forever."


Bucked Off a Horse and Broke My Neck!

"My C-2 Vertebra fractured in three places.  After a five day stay in the hospital, I came home in a halo vest.  When the halo came off three and a half months' later, I was left with limited range of motion and severe headaches that would last for days at a time.

After my first session with Dr. Prewitt, I felt that I was able to turn my head without a lot of pain and my headaches had lessened.  I felt subsequently better with each treatment.

The severe headaches have stopped.  I would highly recommend treatments with Dr. Prewitt for anyone that rides horses, especially those like me that are older.  We do have a tendency to get a little beat up doing what we love.  I plan to continue to see Dr. Prewitt as I need a tune up once in a while.  Happy Trails, all!"


I Tried Everything Else . . .

"After two and a half years of coping with pain from my car accident, daily physical exercises to temporarily relieve discomfort, and a list of lost sports activities, Dr. Prewitt's enthusiasm and encouragement was a welcomed surprise. I have had regular chiropractic and physical therapy appointments and consultations with an orthopedic surgeon and medical doctors resulting in instructions to limit the activities which caused pain and treat pain with stretches and ice.

As Dr. Prewitt treated my body, I felt more aware of specific areas of pain and then waves of relaxation and release. I tried to keep a gentle focus on my physical experience with the treatment, and continued to notice my body melting more deeply into the table. Areas which I had not identified as holding tension relaxed more deeply, as if my muscles were releasing their tight grip. Different from other interventions that I have had, I felt comfortable during the treatment, and experienced relief and improvement. After Dr. Prewitt's prescribed good night's sleep, I still feel an absence of pain in my daily activities. I am looking forward to continuing treatment, and I feel hopeful that I can even return to bicycling and rock climbing without harming my body. I am experiencing a well-being in my body that is informing that hope." 



I Haven't Smelled Anything in Ten Years. My E.N.T. says, "It's all in my head"

Finding Dr. Prewitt was a gift sent from heaven. I have had several years of allergies that have kept me from smelling anything. After the first meeting, my sense of smell started returning and I was sleeping better too.